Return to School on Monday 8th March 2021

4th March 2021

Hello everyone

We will be open to all children from Monday 8th March.  We cannot wait to see everyone back again. All children are expected to attend so if you have any worries please get in touch with us so that we can work together to move forwards.  We will be continuing to work in bubbles, as we were before the lockdown.

Please Do:

✅ Make sure your child has an early couple of nights and mornings to prepare for the new routine.

✅ Set your alarms again for Monday morning.

✅ Bring your child to the correct entrance at 08:45

  • EYFS normal entrance

  • Y1/2 vehicle entrance by their classroom

  • Y3/4 Playground entrance

  • Y5/6 classroom entrance via the car park

✅ Put your child in uniform and send them in with extra layers as we will be having doors and windows open.

✅ Wear your face-coverings when you are on the school site.

✅ Keep your 2m distance from staff and other families.

✅Isolate and book a symptomatic test if your child or anyone in your household has coronavirus symptoms.

✅Keep your child off school and book a symptomatic test if your child has any of  the wider symptoms listed in the letter that will follow shortly.

✅Return to our normal school lunch box expectation as our school meals have now returned to normal in accordance with school food standards guidance.

✅Bring to the school office any equipment that has been loaned to your child

Please Do Not:

Attend the school site if your child or anyone in your household is displaying the big 3 covid symptoms - cough, loss of smell / taste, high temperature.

Gather on site or wait on site for any longer than necessary.