Our Vision


Date Adopted :  2013                   



This document outlines the vision statement for Sandbrook Primary School. The staff and governors are committed to ensuring that Sandbrook Primary strives towards excellence in all endeavours.


Our aim is to develop a learning community that:

-         Is built on the values of respect, consideration, industry, determination and co-operation;

-         Aspires to the highest levels of achievement in all areas of learning and personal growth;

-         Develops resilience, optimism and independence in all learners;

-         Embraces the spirit of adventure and is prepared to risk on purpose;

-         Is a community of reflective learners who know their own strengths and weaknesses, and endeavour to improve 
          throughout their lives;

-         Has high expectations of itself and constantly strives for excellence.

This results in young people and adults who:

-         Are welcoming and kind to one another;

-         Treat everyone courteously and with respect;

-         Value each other and feel valued;

-         Work hard together to improve themselves and the school;

-         Aspire to be the best they can be;

-         Develop the habits, skills and attitudes to be successful lifelong learners;

-         Relish challenges or problems to solve;

-         Are open, honest and caring towards one another;

-         Deal with disputes assertively and not aggressively;

-         Strive together for excellence in all they do.

They are empowered and supported by a school that:

-         Provides excellent role models in learning and behaviour;

-         Challenges and stretches;

-         Supports and encourages;

-         Provides a rich curriculum that is designed, in collaboration with leaners, for ‘serious fun’;

-         Develops positive attitudes in all aspects of our work;

-         Values how we all get on;

-         Recognises and celebrates the achievements of all;

-         Provides rich opportunities for experience  and growth.

When you walk through our door, you will:

-         Be greeted warmly by all you meet;

-         See learners of all ages actively engaged in seeking new knowledge or refining and developing skills;

-         See adults and children working together to unleash potential;

-         See learners who grapple with tricky problems with a positive mental attitude;

-         See good habits and attitudes for learning in all our learners;

-         See learners who can reflect on their skills and set their next goals;

-         See great celebrations of our work;

-         Feel the warmth of our care and respect for each other.

By working towards our vision, we will make a difference by:

-         Raising the standards reached by all learners;

-         Improving the progress each child makes;

-         Developing the attitudes and dispositions that will ensure successful lifelong learning;

-         Working with families, our community and other partners to enhance and enrich the work we do;

-         Developing citizens of the future who are well-equipped to a make a positive contribution to the communities in
          which they live and work.


TEAM Sandbrook - Striving Together for Excellence