Y6 on the beat

17th September 2019

New Police Recruits!

Some of our fantastic Y6 pupils have been taking part in a mini speeding operation! 

We had a safety briefing with our year 6 children initially before going out onto a local road where 8 lucky 6s conducted a speed gun operation.  Any drivers who were caught with the speed gun were warned about the dangers by the new recruits.  There have been a number of complaints from local residents about speeding, specifically on Chapelhill Rd and in the local vicinity so the aim of the day is to raise awareness about the impact of speeding. We caught 14 drivers over the speed limit.  Several were unaware that the speed limit is 20mph.  Our Y6 were very professional and alerted the drivers to the dangers and then sent them on their way with a friendly 'drive safely' or '20's plenty!' One of our recruits got carried away, borrowed PC Emma's hat and locked a friend in the van! Look out for updates on the Y6 pages or around school as we develop a campaign.