Y5/6 homepage

Welcome to Year 5/6.

During the Autumn term, our main topics are The Ancients and Antarctica. We are going to be learning about a number of ancient civilizations, how long they lasted and what we can learn from them. In geography we will be following the journey of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his team.

Literacy and maths will also be a main focus. In literacy we will be focusing on accurate spelling, handwriting and correct punctuation. In maths we will be exploring place value, rounding and written calculations for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. At home you can help by encouraging your child to read five times a week from an age-appropriate book. (If you would like a list of books, please ask as we will happily provide one.)

I have been teaching for nineteen years and this is my fourth year at Sandbrook. I am an enthusiastic and committed teacher who aims to provide a productive, engaging and supportive atmosphere that allows all children to reach their potential. 

Our first tweetable: one of our team is very proud of her RE