Websites to Visit

The following links are suggestions of websites that you can use to help your children with their learning at home in a fun environment.  Sandbrook have no control over the content of these websites although at the time of publication, they have been checked for appropriateness
Internet Safety
With many children having access to laptops, tablets, consoles and other gaming devices, it is important to understand how you can keep your child safe whilst online.  Ask yourself the question...Do I honestly know who my child is friends with / talking to online ?  If you don't, you need to take action.
Below is a link to a website called 'ThinkUKnow' which provides a range of resources for both children and adults to help you understand the applications your child may want to use and how best to do this safely.  Remember... many sites have age restrictions and should not be used by children.  And, if children are using your device - have you set restricted access so they can only see age appropriate content?

Early Years

Just taking a little time each day to read a story and sing rhymes or silly songs with your child can have a significant impact on their long term literacy and communication skills. For more information please visit: