Warm words about our work

We love Sandbrook and we love it when our visitors appreciate our school.  Below you will find a few of the positive comments we have received.
Visiting Headteacher 
I was impressed with the wonderfully calm atmosphere throughout the school and the respect shown by all the school community to each other.  We saw very high engagement by pupils in all classes and excellent behaviour throughout the school.  Every child I talked to was polite, open and welcoming - a wonderful school ethos.
The depth of learning in Key Stage 2 was fantastic to observe...it was great to witness children being truly challenged, and indeed thirsty to challenge themselves.  The classrooms we visited were vibrant and full of references / scaffolds to support learning.  Every child I spoke with could confidently explain their learning and showed high motivation to achieve well.
Visiting Tutor
Thank you so much for inviting me to your lovely school.  I had such a good day and everyone was great. 
3 words summary:
Committed - all the staff came across as committed to nurturing and developing students
Kind - both staff and students  had a nice, caring attitude towards each other
Enthusiastic - Staff and students were very keen throughout the day
Some of the comments received on the parents' feedback form
'I am very pleased with how well my son has settled into the school.'

'Amazing effort from teachers and staff, dedicated to making the best of the pupils. A great bunch!'

'Thank you for all you do. I'm a very proud mum.'

'We feel very happy with the school. The progress our children are making. They are always happy to come to school and happy when coming out. We couldn't ask for more, thank you.'

'My child is doing really well.'

'Wonderful provision, wonderful staff, safe environment. My children have flourished at Sandbrook, couldn't be happier. Thank you to all the staff.'


Year 6 pupil : 'I'm happy with my reports, Sandbrook has helped and improved my learning, I've enjoyed all six years of my time at Sandbrook'
Year 6 pupil's mum: 'Very proud of J meeting and exceeding in all of his subjects.  I am so happy J went to Sandbrook Primary.  It has been an invaluable journey for him and I am sure it has built a great foundation for him for his future & further education...  J has really come out of his shell during this past year and is doing better at school than ever.  Very happy and proud of him. Thank you Sandbrook.'
Year 1 pupil's mum : 'Excellent report B.  You have worked hard this year in school and enjoy every minute of school life.  We have seen you grow up and are growing in confidence..... Thank you to all the staff in Sandbrook school for looking after B 5 days a week, 6 1/2 hours a day and doing all that you do all year round.  Thank you!'
And some comments about our FAST programme
October Parent Questionnaire comments:
Thank you for the support you give, for all your hard work.  We think you do a wonderful job. 
Fabulous.  Thank you for everything you do for my child all day, every day.
I couldn't be happier with the progression and support that is given across the board.  We are pleased our children are at Sandbrook and are extremely happy.
The school clubs are really good. The kids are really enjoying them.
'Fabulous experience, great fun.  Lovely getting to know the teachers and all the mums in the Fast team more.'
'Great time had by all the family.  Quality time!!'
'Fast was really helpful with parents and children.  Fast has helped children socialise.'