March 2019

8th March 2019

On Friday, Sandbrook Primary had a visit from Wes Magee. Wes Magee is a famous author who writes poetry, fiction and scripts for children and adults. He gave a presentation to us all about the poems he wrote. He read lots of his poems to us and showed us actions and what types of expression we should use whilst reading them. He was funny and kind and the children thoroughly enjoyed listening to his poems. During the session, we asked questions about what it's like to be an author.

Afterwards, Wes Magee visited each class where they listened to poems and even wrote their own poems. We illustrated our poems and then Wes Magee gave out signed copies of one of his new books called, ' So you want to be a wizard? '

Wes Magee commented upon the day and our team:
“Just wanted to say "very many thanks" to you for setting-up & organising such a first-class day for me at Sandbrook PS,. Everyone was helpful, & I thought the children were most enthusiastic, responsive, well-behaved, & hard-working in the writing sessions.

And what a book sale & signing! Wonderful!
In all, a terrific day at a top-notch school.
I hope the ducks enjoyed it too!

We had a wonderful time and hope to have a similar event in the future.

Today Sandbrook Primary School hosted an absolutely incredible hockey event, involving four schools from our local area. 40 children were mixed into 6 teams in hockey 'world cup' competition. It was wonderful to see our own children playing and working so well with children from other schools. We lost count of the number of high fives the children were giving out to each other. This was a brilliant way to help to launch the profile of such an incredible sport and our own Team Sandbrook children made us very proud. A huge congratulations to all involved.