Language skills are essential to children so that they can participate fully in school and society.  We read widely across the curriculum to help children develop their knowledge of the world, broaden their vocabulary and deepen their understanding of the curriculum they study. We also read a wide range of high quality texts so that children can be immersed in the great adventures that books and stories open up to us.  Children are taught to write accurately for a range of purposes.  
Reading through school
Reading is a vital skill and we prioritise and promote it at Sandbrook. Children are taught phonics so that they can learn to decode accurately and efficiently.  Phonics is taught using the Phonics International scheme.
Our early readers practise their skills with texts that are closely matched to the  phonics skills they have been taught.  More experienced readers practise with a range of texts from our core schemes: Oxford and Treetops.
Our most experienced readers can select from the wide range of quality texts in our  dedicated library spaces.  
In 2020-21 we introduced whole-class texts and tasks from the Take One Book programme. This is a sequenced journey through high quality texts.  The children enjoy out Take One Book texts. 
Reading to learn and learning to read are key components of our wider curriculum offer. Children are given experience of a wide range of texts in their afternoon subjects and are taught how to read these effectively.
All classes have dedicated time to listen to their teachers reading high quality texts for pleasure.
For more information about reading at Sandbrook, please see you child's class teacher.