Sandbrook Governors - An Overview

Governing Sandbrook
The school governors are supportive and highly motivated.  They have a deep understanding of the nature and mission of Sandbrook and are committed to its vision and aims.  They work in partnership for the best interests of the children.  Their vision and passion for continued improvement steers and focuses their decision making process.
All governors follow a code of conduct and have a strategic role within the school, in summary, they:
  • Set aims and objectives for the school
  • Set policies and targets for achieving objectives
  • Review progress
  • Challenge and support the school leadership team
Our Constitution
The governing body of Sandbrook Primary School consists of the following:
2 x parents governors (Nominated from amongst and elected by the parents/guardians of children at Sandbrook)
1 x Local Authority governor (Appointed by the Local Authority from amongst the political parties represented in the council)
1 x staff governor (Nominated from amongst and elected by the school staff)
1 x headteacher governor (A governor by default unless they decide to relinquish the role)
4 x co-opted governors (Appointed by the governing body for their specific knowledge or expertise)
Sandbrook Primary last amended their constitution in May 2014 as required by The School Governance Constitution Regulations 2012.
Our Governors
Chair of Governors : Vida Wilson
Vice Chair of Governors : Jan Wynn
Ex officio Headteacher Governor : Claire Temple
Staff Governor : Chris Mervyn
Parent Governor : Sharon Lloyd
Parent Governor : Louise Hughes
Co-opted Governor : Jan Wynn
Co-opted Governor : Carol Jones
Co-opted Governor : Michelle Richards
Clerk to Governors : Nichola Humble
Should you wish to make contact with governors, please contact the school office or